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How to Solve Ads Crawler Errors in Google Adsense

 How to Solve Ads Crawler Errors in Google Adsense

How to Solve Ads Crawler Errors in Google Adsense

A problem that many users face, is the ad crawler errors in Google Adsense, and it is one of the problems that affect in one way or another the profits and lead to a very large reduction in them.

How to Solve Ads Crawler Errors in Google Adsense

There are many problems that cause errors for the Google Adsense ad crawler, and these errors will not harm anyone but you only through the possibility of reducing profit or interrupting it completely.

So, if you are one of the people who are looking for a solution to a problem, there are errors for the Google Adsense ad crawler and the problems that occur through it, follow this article with me well to be able to identify solutions to this problem that some face.

How to solve the problem of ad crawler errors and avoid losing Adsense earnings: -

This is done through several very simple steps so you can follow with me what comes in order to get the best possible result.

You must log in to your account and be able to solve crawler errors.

After that, you can go to Gmail to be able to solve such a problem through the notification you received in your messages.

You can also find the problem on the main page of Adsense and you will be able to troubleshoot the error very easily.

By heading to the home page, you will find that it tells you that there is a blank page and the error code is error 404, which means that a page on the site cannot be found and has no content, so it is unable to place ads and crawl to this page.

Now the main reason for the presence of such a message is that you have deleted a page from your platform or an article, but this article is still listed with Google and the search engine in general.

And the solution here is to submit a request to the company to delete the link of this page or article so that you can avoid this problem completely and be able to solve the errors of crawlers and ads.

Your request will be reviewed within a day at least, and you can submit this request by copying the link provided by Google to you on the same page where the ad crawler errors problem appeared.

And through the Webmaster Tool, click on the removals in the sidebar.

After you open the page, you will find a red button written on it, a request for removal, click on it to start solving the problems of creepy ads.

Now put the link in the box that appeared in front of you to be able to start fixing errors for the ad crawler.

Put a checkmark in front of the first box called Remove this URL only, and then click Next.

With this, you have been able to fix this problem permanently and you will not face any problem with the ads and to be able to avoid this error for the ad crawler. After that, any article you delete is directed directly to submitting a request to remove the link directly to avoid such errors permanently.

With this, we have come to the end of this interesting article, in which we talked about fixing the errors of crawlers and ads very easily, and what we mentioned was the only reason for the emergence of such a problem, and this was also the best solution to get rid of the problem permanently and preserve Google's profits and not Damage to you or your blog on the Internet.


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