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Wise cards How to Order Wise Debit Card


How to Order Wise Debit Card

Wise cards are cards that have been specifically designed to help people achieve their goals. They are often referred to as “card masters,” and they are often used in readings to help people make better decisions.

There are a few different types of wise cards. The first type is the tarot card. Tarot cards are often used to gain insight into a person’s current situation and to help them make decisions. Some tarot cards, like the tarot card of the tarot suit of cups, can be used to help people understand their emotions.

The other type of wise card is the oracle card. Oracle

Wise cards are cards that have been specifically designed to help people achieve their goals. They are often referred to as “card masters,” and they are often used in readings to help people make better decisions.


Transferring money abroad using Wise (formerly Transferwise) is fast, easy and simple. The transmission is completely online and works perfectly across devices. You can sit at home and transfer your money from your country to Germany at any time - day or night, on any device - smartphones or tablets.

All you have to do is create a free Wise account and follow our easy-to-implement guides. The recipient does not need to have a TransferWise account to receive your money.

We said it's fast to transfer money via wise but how fast is that?

Want to answer: only a few days or sometimes only one day! You can send money today and it will appear in the recipient's account tomorrow.

Lowest possible cost and no hidden fees

Wise's outward transfers use the market average exchange rate or what Wise calls the real exchange rate. It is the price you see on Google, XE, or Yahoo Finance. This will save you from exorbitant exchange rates.

high protection

Wise is a member of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – an organization that protects consumers from fraud and unfair pricing and ensures a safe operating environment for financial companies to thrive. This means that you are protected with Wise just as if you were with the banks.

Did you like what Wise has to offer and are thinking of using it to transfer your money to Germany or other countries around the world? In this case, here is a guide to create a Wise or formerly TransferWise account in detail and have it shipped to your door in any country in the world.

Step 1: Browse Wise and create a free account

Log in and register from this link: Registration link

After entering the WISE website, we open a new account and fill in our information such as residence address and others. Confirmation via your mobile phone number.

They will also ask for confirmation that you upload a copy of your passport to them and within hours they will be approved.

wise . control panel

Now, after registering, let's go through the card application section. It will tell you that you can only order it if you are a European or American resident. So how do we get a European residence address?

It's very simple and easy with Borsai.

Step 2: Get a free European address:


In this article, we will learn how to get a free European address that you can use as a shipping address for all online purchases and shopping from international and European stores and other stores that do not support shipping to Arab countries

We have all noticed the extent of the spread of online shopping sites in the recent period, so that regular stores have sites on the Internet that sell their products online to expand the circle of their customers and attract a larger customer base. Online shopping in general has increased significantly in the past ten years globally and in a clear increase. Perhaps the increase in the number of online shopping sites in the Arab countries is due to many things, the most important of which is the increase in the Internet user base in the Arab world.

What is a borsai site?

When you register on the site, Borsailles will immediately give you a real French address from which you can receive goods and products for those who want to ship and shop from Europe.

When you create an account on the company, you are not required to provide any documents such as an identity card or a passport, except in some rare cases they ask you.

You can through the Borsai website
Enjoy shopping from popular websites and European stores and have your purchases shipped to Borsailles warehouses that are open around the clock.
All services are free, you only pay the shipping cost.
Consolidation of packages and shipments is free of charge and sent once.
Free product storage for 6 months.
You can create and remove items and delete invoices to save money.
Borsailles photograph the parcels coming to your locker for free, and you can also request custom product photography with a few fees.

Register on the Borsai website:

The way to register on the site is easy, click on the create a new account page

Fill in and enter the following information:
Your real first and last name (surname).
The phone number and country code you live in.
e-mail to complete the registration process.

Finally, enter a password, make sure it is strong, and reconfirm it in the next box.

Register on the Porsay website
How to register on the Porsay website
And congratulations on your new European-French address.

How to use the new European address
Now, you can shop from European and French stores without restrictions, all shipments will be delivered to your locker in the control panel and you will receive the arrival notification on the account email.

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